Release the Superbrain

MOM Knows Best: A Memory Mnemonic

Motivation: When meeting a new person, take a moment and ask yourself, why do I want to remember that person’s name? If you cannot name a reason to remember, you probably will not.

Picture this: Never forget a name

It’s an unpleasant moment in a business to meet someone you have met before. There is panic when you reach out to shake hands — or worse, introduce him to a colleague. Forgot your name? This is an accident that can ruin a relationship. “It’s hard to show someone that you care about their business when you don’t even care enough to remember their name,” Quick says.

Take notes of the whole brain

When you are in a workshop where, for example, you use social media to build your business, or you are reading or listening to a book on a similar topic, the right and left hemispheres of your brain process information in two ways: the logical left. A hemisphere that is an analytical and critical thinker — pays attention to the actual content presented. The Ruminant Truth — our intuitive, creative, and visual aspect — responds to this content with immediate emotions, questions, and inspirations about how to use information in your life.

ABC of Smart Reading

Kwik likes to quote Woody Allen ironically: “I took a speed reading course where you dragged your finger down and I could read War and Peace in 20 minutes.

Location is important: The Key to Giving a Presentation without Notes

The ancient Greeks may have relied on the “Lucy” method when they needed to remember to extract olive oil from the market. The memory trick is attributed to the poet Simonides of Ceos. One night in the fifth century BC, he recited a victory poem in honor of a Thessaloniki nobleman. Then he summoned a messenger and left the banquet hall. As he left, the roof of the hall collapsed and crushed the guests. It was left to Simonides, the only survivor, to help identify victims who were unidentifiable. Simonides closed his eyes and reconstructed the banquet hall in his mind, depicting where each guest had sat before the catastrophe. Then he went inside the hall and took the bereaved relatives to the remains of their loved ones.



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