What is Solidity ?

What is Solidity Programming Language?

Evolution of Solidity Programming Language

  • Solidity is currently the main language in Ethereum and other private blockchains running on competing platforms; Like Monax and the Burroughs Hyperlger blockchain, it uses Tendermint for consensus.
  • Swift has created a proof of concept that runs on Burroughs and uses solidity.
  • ERC-20: fungible standard token
  • ERC-721: Non-fungible token standard
  • ERC-809: refers to the concept of “competing” goods; Items that one person uses to prevent another person from consuming them. For example, driving a car is a rival because two people can not drive the same car at the same time, but staring at the sunset is not the case. This token standard defines a lease standard for competing NFTs and allows them to lease it to other users.
  • ERC-864: Allows joint ownership of NFTs.
  • ERC-874: Unmatched weight tokens that allow a DAO to give more voting power to certain participants.

What is an Ethereum Virtual Machine?

  • Primarily ensures the security and execution of untrusted programs through the use of the international network of public nodes.

What are smart contracts?

What do smart contracts include?

  • The two parties (individuals or organizations) agree using a computer code.
  • With the help of solidity programming language, the contract is executed on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that all the details of the contract are stored in a general ledger.
  • Neither party can change the terms of the contract alone.
  • All actions resulting from a smart contract are automated and performed without intermediaries.
  • All transactions are logged on the blockchain and are irreversible.
  • Transactions will not be performed if the predetermined conditions are not met.

Solidity language data types







Solidity REPL



How is solidity used in the Ethereum?

What is the difference between JavaScript, Solidity, Ethereum and Chaincode?

  1. JavaScript is a language that can be interpreted in a timely manner. The language is more popular in front-end applications and runs in the browser, but is also used for applications such as NodeJS and Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Solidity is a high-level language. This language is based somewhat on ECMAScript, which is why it is said to be similar to JavaScript. But this is where the similarity ends. Solidity is compiled (not interpreted) and usually runs on blockchains that understand the Ethereum virtual machine. The solidity code is compiled and deployed as a smart contract and can be communicated with.
  3. Ethereum is commonly known as blockchain under the pretext of the Ethereum protocol. Ethereum blockchain is a network of nodes that generate and exchange blocks based on a specific protocol, the so-called Ethereum protocol. All network nodes must understand this protocol.
  4. Chaincode is similar to smart contracts written with solidity. However, Chaincode is used in HyperLeger while the term smart contracts is used in Ethereum.

What is the use of solidity?

1- voting

2- Indoor Auctions

3- Collective financing

Benefits of Solidity Programming

Disadvantages of solidity

In Conclusion



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